We will spend time with you and discuss your requirements, the way you use your house, or run your business at the moment, and how you would like to use the new enlarged, modified or improved building. Your budget is a crucial part of the design brief, and will be a vital factor in the development of the design ideas. From these discussions we will prepare drawings illustrating how your ambitions can be achieved. We have a reputation for sensitive and innovative design, giving each and every project individuality matched to you, the client.

Planning Negotiations

Most, but by no means all, extensions, new structures or alterations will require planning permission. We will advise on the need for consent and, if necessary, will negotiate with the Local Planning Authority on your behalf. These days there is a myriad of reports that can be requested by the LPA, from habitat surveys to flood risk assessments. We can negotiate with the LPA over those that are truly necessary, and commission the appropriate research on your behalf.

Planning Applications

In more straightforward cases planning applications can be made without prior negotiation or consultation with the planning authority. We will prepare the drawings and design statements, and commission any reports that may be required, packaging the whole into one formal application.

Listed Buildings

It is not always realised that carrying out unauthorised works on a Listed Building is a criminal offence! Almost any alteration to, near or within a Listed Building requires Listed Building Consent before you can start work. We have a long track record of dealing with the complex negotiations needed if the application is to meet with success.

Over the years we have undertaken projects on listed buildings both domestic and commercial, all over the South and Midlands, from Buxton, Derbyshire to Dartmoor in Devon.

We understand the issues and problems that come with owning, maintaining and altering buildings that are subject to the controls imposed by conservation and heritage legislation, having been involved in projects ranging from extensions and refurbishment of grade 2 listed hotels and private dwellings, to the complete redevelopment of an at risk Grand 1 heritage asset.

Contractor Selection

We can prepare the drawings, specifications and other information needed for contractors to price projects accurately, and we can suggest local contractors suited to the type of work envisaged.

Contract Management

Every project, from the smallest to the largest, benefits from having a formal agreement between contractor and client. We are able to offer advice on the various forms of contract and then monitor progress. With our long experience we have developed links with chartered engineers, architects, and other specialists, should they be needed.

Feasibility Studies

If you want an extension, are thinking about development or wish to explore several alternative ideas, we can examine the options, report on their feasibility and advise on the likelihood of success.

Green Design

Green design is something that everyone who is thinking about doing work to their property should be considering. From simple rainwater harvesting systems, to the Full Monty of a ‘passive house’, there are now so many systems available to generate, harness or save energy that there is no project that would not benefit from a greener approach – it usually ends up saving you money as well!

Measured Surveys

Most forms of Planning and Listed Building application require accurate drawings showing the building as it is at present. We can measure and draw existing buildings, to whatever level of detail is appropriate.


We do not charge for the initial consultation, and always provide a written quotation before starting work.

Other Services

  • Interior Design
  • Attic Conversions
  • Conversions, Change of Use
  • Design for the Disabled and Elderly
  • Refurbishment
  • Furniture Design
  • New Houses
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Commercial Premises